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Our mission is to identify your big picture needs, and solve your challenges by building a powerful cultural and visual identity to create growth and inspire your audience.


After a decade as an Art Director at Mattel where I specialized in brand design and art direction for small-to-high profile global projects, I’m thrilled to establish my own Brand Design Studio and bring my expertise to East Texas and beyond.

Additionally, my time as a designer in the fashion, sports, publishing and toy industry was a master class in design and branding, where I learned to turn big ideas into captivating and transformative products. Yet my passion to work with entrepreneurs and the desire to serve my local community drove me forward. Armed with a passion for brand design and an unwavering belief in the power of innovation and good design, I proudly founded &OAK.

Our goal is to pour our hearts into every project, crafting designs that tell unique stories and solve real-world problems by bringing value to your tribe through the transformative power of brand design. We are a hub where design isn’t just a service but a strategic partner in shaping your brand, telling your story, and in creating growth for your business or organization.

My journey from Mattel to founding this studio underscores the profound impact of determination, creativity, and joy of serving a community close too my heart. I hope to partner with you and deliver transformational high-performing brand design solutions.

Alex Cadena
Founder / Creative Director